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This community is all about the Wildstorm/Worldstorm comic universes.

Are you a fan of Planetary, The Authority, Wildcats, Global Frequency, Gen13, or any other Wildstorm or America's Best title? Are you curious about the Worldstorm reboot, or interested in sampling a Wildstorm title? Do you need to rant, make icons, commit fic, or squee? This is the place for you.

We like talking about Wildstorm. We like reading Wildstorm titles. We like roleplaying Wildstorm characters in pretendy fun time games. We like sharing Wildstorm comics and sharing scans.

Essays, rants, comic scans, ship manifestos, articles, previews, art, fanfic, icons, wallpapers, fan mixes, solicits, and talking about roleplaying are all welcome here. We may even recruit comm members for roleplaying purposes.



The official Wildstorm homepage on DC's website.

Wildstorm on Wikipedia.

Teams and titles

The Authority
Global Frequency
Top Ten


1. The one golden rule of conduct: don't be a dick. Dickness will be determined by the moderators, but you can use the below as a rough set of guidelines. Vigorous discussion and squee is encouraged. Flaming other members, harassing other members on their personal journals, or insulting other comm members or posters based on race, sexual orientation, etc. will not be tolerated. We will ban you outright. Keep any personal vendettas with other community members or moderators out of this community, or the banhammer will fall. If you are repeatedly setting off our passive aggressive alarms, you risk getting warned and ultimately banned.

2. If you're posting scans, please put them behind an LJ cut. If you're posting an image exceeding 500 x 500 pixels, please put it behind an LJ cut.

3. Please put all content above an R rating behind an LJ cut, with an appropriate label for content.

4. Don't spam us. At all. Don't spam us with ads, non-comic pornographic images, gore, or off topic material.

5. If you'd like to promote another community here, please check with one of the community maintainers first. We're happy to help spread Wildstorm love, but please do check with us before you post.

6. The moderators reserve the right to ban anyone at any time if, in the judgement of the moderators, a community member has violated the rules or is an unduly disruptive influence in the community.

7. If you're stupid enough to ever threaten someone here with physical harm, you will be banned and reported to LiveJournal.

8. This community is slash neutral. You're welcome to squee about Midnighter and Apollo (we'll squee loudly right along with you), but if you're convinced that Henry Bendix and Battalion are really a couple, not everyone is going to agree with you. Please be courteous and tolerant towards all points of view.

9. Repeated crimes committed against grammar and spelling will be roundly mocked.

Your community maintainers and moderators are ninjagaijin, thezerosumgame, chiss, and kali921.