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Wildstorm Love: Share the Squee!
planetary fic: easy to find & harder to keep (elijah/jakita/drummer, R) | 522 words 
1st-Sep-2009 02:36 am
young avengers: teddy and billy
So, um, how about I wrote this thing where Elijah and Jakita and the Drummer are sleeping together and there's fluff and mittens. I'm sorry. D:

easy to find & harder to keep
planetary, elijah/jakita/drummer
522 words
summary: The Drummer is cold.
warnings: none

(I haven't actually read past issue 3 of Planetary yet, so there might be canon inconsistencies, but I love these three so much that I couldn't not write something. Set sometime in the vague future. R for nondescriptive smut.)

i've loved you longer than the sun has known your face, and i always will, long after the sun is gone
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