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Wildstorm Love: Share the Squee!
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Winter: kinky
Taken from my own journal, so excuse the casual rambling/speculation, and er. Any bad language.

Massive spoilers.

PHD #5Collapse )

Grifter & Midnighter #1Collapse )

Worldstorm #2Collapse )

So, yeah. Just my personal opinions on what I read, obviously.
16th-Mar-2007 09:39 am(no subject)
Grifterize 'Em
So, yesterday I picked up the following:

Gen-13 #6
Grifter & Midnighter #1
WorldStorm #2

Cut for Spoilerish Stuff. Read at your own risk.Collapse )
12th-Mar-2007 01:30 pm - Iconorama!
I promised Dave awhile ago that I'd do a big icon post and, so, with a shiny new gigabyte of ram for my computer, I've been making lots! As such, I've made quite a few Wildstorm-related icons. Whee!

Gen 13
[1] Sarah
[2] Bobby
[3] Roxy
[3] Grunge

[3] Cole Cash/Grifter

Desolation Jones
[1] Michael Jones

Plz to be commenting and crediting chakrabat in the icon description. Thanks and enjoy!

thar be icons behind hereCollapse )
11th-Mar-2007 07:03 pm - Team 7, post-reboot
So. Dane and Cash are more or less right where they left off. Cray...is back from the dead, and, um...not well? Slayton, based on the exposition in Worldstorm #2, is still Slayton, just offscreen and not wearing the spandex anymore.

Any ideas as to why Lynch seems to have been thoroughly retconned?

For that matter, any ideas as to how the new continuity fits together?

And one final thought. Midnighter: the Wildstorm Wolverine. In every fucking comic, and continuity be damned!

10th-Mar-2007 03:47 pm - Um...hey, Mr. Morrison?
Can't you capitalists do anything right?

Authority #2, which came out this week.


Thoughts? Opinions?

The first thing I'll say is that I'm not impressed with Gene Ha's art.
Jenny Pete OT3
So, for those of us that have been eagerly anticipating DC's launch of Wildcats Vol. 4, written by Grant Morrison and penciled by Jim Lee, we've had a rough six months, right?

We read issue #1, which came out last...August, I believe. We read about semiotic resonance, and we read the weirdly Op Art Mondrian-meets-Picasso sex scene, and we read about Zealot being stuck on Khera and we saw Majestic's new totally Conan the Barbarian helmet thing, with tusks.

Issue #2 was solicited for October, and never showed up.

It was resolicited for November, and never showed up.

It was resolicited for February 15th, and I, like the foolish fangirl I am, went trippingly down to my local comic store in breathless anticipation of ACTUALLY LAYING MY HANDS ON ISSUE #2, only to find the owner of my LCS telling me "no, hon, that's been pushed back to April 2007 now because Jim Lee is working on the 3D modeling for DC's new videogame," at which point we had a long discussion about artistic integrity, effective delegation of tasks, and passive aggressive artists that can't get their shit together enough to finish penciling the last five pages of issue #2. I was informed that Jim Lee has a problem "saying no to people."

Now it's been resolicited for March 28th.

Any bets on whether or not it will actually show up?


Fear my fangirl wrath!
2nd-Mar-2007 06:33 pm - Obligatory Recruitment Post
Grifterize 'Em
Since a number (including all of your moderators! :D) of the comm members here are involved with LiveJournal based roleplaying, I guess I should go ahead and start the recruitment drive and see if there's any interest here.

The majority of RP is done on In Character (IC) journals, along with playing over at sages_of_chaos and dear_multiverse. We have a pretty impressive group so far, but of course more members would be awesome! Here is a list of active characters being RPed so far:

Ze ListCollapse )

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few. So if there's a WildStorm character you've always wanted to play in a freeform writing game, with a laidback group of diehard fans, give us a heads up! If you'd like anymore information about how it works, what characters we'd really like to see, etc., just leave a note here or contact one of the mods. Help us help you! ;)
1st-Mar-2007 11:59 pm - A little story to share...
Says in the community info that fic is welcome. And I've written a lot of comic fic. But this is my only Wildstorm piece, so far (I'm working on another, more complicated piece, but that's going to take awhile to finish.)

Disclaimer: Characters are property of DC/Wildstorm, and are used without permission. I own nothing.
Characters: Winter and Jenny Quantum (Stormwatch/Authority)
Rating: Totally innocuous and safe for all.
Note: This thing is so far out of any continuity, you'd need a space probe to find it. Can't help it, it was lurking in my brain for a week and a half and needed to be written. (I could try to explain the logic... but the author's notes would end up longer than the story. So... yeah. Work with me here.)

Last Night on EarthCollapse )
28th-Feb-2007 09:55 pm - New here....
Cinderella gun
Hi there...

I'm new around here... Currently, from the Wildstorm list I've been reading Ex Machina, Red Menace and until Ennis did exactly what he said he was going to do ("out Preacher, Preacher *laughs*) I was reading The Boys. I'm glad it has found a new home and this publisher has been really good about letting the comic find a new home where everyone will be more comfortable.

I'm interested in reading Stormwatch as I've heard good things about it. I was wondering if anyone has been reading The American Way and Welcome to Tranquility. Both are comics that look sort of interesting and I have wondered if anyone has reccomendations one way or another.

27th-Feb-2007 10:46 pm(no subject)
<3 Killing Zombies
Gather round, children! Tonight, we play a game! :O

In the interest of FUN, I have come up with an (unoriginal, but shut up) idea. Let's pretend you're a director. You have an unlimited budget, access to any actors, rock stars, what have you. Even counting people who are already dead for the sake of this game.

Who would YOU cast in a WildStorm movie (pick a team, character, whatever), and why?
Babytron sez Limitations Are Obsolete
What is Stormwatch?

Stormwatch is UN-sponsored superheroics for salvation and benefit of world! Kill all Nietzsche-quoting superbastards!

What is Stormwatch: PHD?

PHD is short for Post Human Division. I have a feeling Christos Gage did not separate the first two words by accident.

PHD is street-level Stormwatch, on the cheap. We've seen this before, but never like this. Even Team Achilles had access to hyper-velocity weapons and teleporters and black holes.

PHD is not superheroes. PHD is not powerful. PHD is not satellite-dwelling Hammerstrike-calling worldbeaters. PHD is cerebral, sneaky motherfuckers in an increasingly dangerous world, support staff with ambition. They are Dexter and Criminal Minds and __marcelo 's Special Unit in a world where SPBs are rightly feared.

Who are these lot, then?

Teh lineup be as follows:

Fahrenheit/Lauren Pennington - First the familiar. A Stormwatch veteran from Day One, Lauren is not having a good day. Or week. Or life. First, she suffers brain-damage in the same battle that saw John Doran's ascendancy, losing access to her pyrokinetic gifts as a result. Then, Stormwatch Prime starts treating her like a leper. Foundations ripped away, she just might be losing her fucking mind.

we on fire/up in here/
it's burning hot/we on fire/

Still, she's dealing; her sheer level of experience and knowledge of SPB combat tactics is no joke AND she's getting fight training from ...

Paris/Liam Mendoza
- Iliad, not Hilton; otherwise, deceptively boring. He's the pre-requisite combat genius. Ex-special forces, ex-Stormforce, this dude has two talents (i) surviving situations where his entire unit dies and (ii) a phenomenal ability to spot vulnerability in any opponent, be it in anatomy (some kind of intuitive function-from-form derivation) or in combat style. Specialist - counter-SPB Hand-to-hand combat, a la Jukko Hamalainen.
Conceived in a hell beyond your depth of perception/
Chaotic case of conquering domination/

John Doran - NYPD cop, survived a Stormwatch Prime/horde-of-supervillains fracas and even managed to take out two of the bad guys himself. In over his head, but swimming hard. Leonardo leads/

The Machinist/Dino Manolis - ex-supervillain, low-budget high-effect gagdeteer of no small ability. Too bad he's potbellied, has a Ron Jeremy back and lives with his mother. Answers to whoever squeezes his balls the tightest.
/Donatello does machines/

Gorgeous/Wanda Durst - independently wealthy, due to a string of supervillain ex-boyfriends/future booty calls. On the surface, she's exactly what the codename says, but look north of the surgically-enhanced titties and you'll find an dizzyingly-high IQ and a scalpel sense for human (and posthuman) behavioural tics. Tao-lite? Perhaps. Team profiler, if you hadn't already guessed. Can so not be trusted.
Raphael is cool but rude/

Black Betty - already a fan favourite, she's a) Professor of Metaphysics (b)assistant to one of the foremost magicians in the WSU (The Doctors don't count, they neither learn OR *earn* their power) and (c) Stomwatch: PHD supernatural specialist. She doesn't cast spells herself (for hilarious reasons) but knows magical theoretics inside-out. Her perpetual grin and Vera Black sunglasses hide atramentous depths. Emphatically not to be fucked with.
Michelangelo is a party dude/

EDIT (the following day): Being as I am a jackass, I forgot the final member of our crew:

Dr. Mordecai Shaw/The Monstrousity/The Monstrosity - alongside Gorgeous, front-runner for "Most Likely to be an enemy Mole". PHD in posthuman genetics and forensics. Basically, the others knock 'em down, he cuts them up. His shy and unassuming exterior conceals an adamantine will and a fierce determination to never go mindless and eat the sweet living flesh of others - again. Yes, you did just read that.

See, Dr. Mordecai Shaw has a secret; he's a leftover from Lord Defile's experiments in Daemonite/human hybrid experimentation. Think Curt Connors/Ultimate!Bruce Banner with a side of Whedon's take on Beast. But he's stronger than he knows; I found his standoff with Lady Decadence in the final pages of #3 particularly impressive.


Oh yeah, and Jackson King is their Augustus Gibbons. Having paid several prices - small and large alike - for the privilege of putting boot to ass for his planet, he conceived the PHD concept and recruited the team. Ultimately, he plans to have a PHD unit - cheap, effective, human - in every state. Better than Tony Stark's idea, yah?
Babytron sez Limitations Are Obsolete
I figure, this being such a new community and all, I'd go ahead and get my licks in early. Ground floor, firsts and all that.

I present to you, ladies, gentlemen and (as-yet) non-sentient spambots, the first seven pages of Stormwatch: PHD #2.

EDIT (the following day): seeing as kali was so kind as to juggle said template around, I shall do the same and give my broadband homies some love.

I Know Everything Looks Like Blindsight To Me These Days But Come *On* Now, That is Fucking Blindsight.Collapse )


My brothers and sisters in Dial-Up, fret not for I have got you covered. Seeing as the template chopped off the right-hand one-sixth of every scan, I'll be killing the dialuppers and everyone else with one stone.

I don't think that came out quite right.

"Perhaps. But the first thing I did with my powers is to survive a radioactive inferno."

Too Cool for ... Heat?

Ah, Hellstrike's arse; we've missed ye so very much.

After-combat sex is a Stormwatch tradition. So are interruptions.

"I say "Jump", y'all don't even *land* till I tell you to. You too, Gorgeous."

"Wait a minute. She's getting paid?"

"Ah know that heffer did not put 'em on the glass!"


Started with #2 since I figure there are scans and previews of #1 all over the intarweb. Still, I'll be doing the same for the other issues, doncha worry. Also, I happen to be in possession of the last four issues of Stormwatch Team Achilles. If anyone's interested in that, I'll put it up here. If not, then scans_daily'll get all the good shit.

As usual.

26th-Feb-2007 06:14 pm - Introductions!
Well, I figure I may as well kick off this thing with a round of introductions from everyone. Hopefully, my fellow mods will kick in here as well.

I'm Dave, and I'm one of your friendly neighborhood moderators!

Primarily, I'm into Gen-13, WildCATS, Midnighter, Authority, Deathblow, and Team 7. Yeah, I go back to the old school. :D

My favorite characters are Grifter, Roxy "Freefall" Spaulding, Bobby "Burnout" Lane, Deathblow, and Backlash.

Welcome aboard, everyone!
26th-Feb-2007 01:42 pm - Welcome to Wildstorm Love!
Greg Land rapes your childhood
Welcome, fellow fans, to wildstorm_love!

Are you a fan of Planetary, The Authority, Wildcats, Global Frequency, Gen13, or any other Wildstorm or America's Best Comics title? Are you curious about the Worldstorm reboot, or interested in sampling a Wildstorm title? Do you need to rant, make icons, commit fic, or squee? This is the place for you.

We like talking about Wildstorm. We like reading Wildstorm titles. We like roleplaying Wildstorm characters in pretendy fun time games. We like sharing Wildstorm comics and sharing scans.

Essays, rants, comic scans, ship manifestos, articles, previews, art, fanfic, icons, wallpapers, fan mixes, solicits, and talking about roleplaying are all welcome here. We may even recruit comm members for roleplaying purposes.



The official Wildstorm homepage on DC's website.

Wildstorm on Wikipedia.

Teams and titles

The Authority
Global Frequency
Top Ten

The rules and other random stuff...Collapse )

Your community maintainers and moderators are ninjagaijin, thezerosumgame, chiss, and kali921.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
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