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Saw a couple of things on the comics news sites that I don't think… 
4th-Apr-2007 11:41 pm
midnighter and the carrier
Saw a couple of things on the comics news sites that I don't think have made it over here yet.

Newsarama has an interview with Christos Gage, on the identity of *that* shadowy figure in Stormwatch PHD #5. For my money, it's Warren Ellis.

More Gage news: CBR's report on Emerald City ComicCon includes an announcement from Darick Robertson, recently of The Boys fame, that he'll be drawing issues #5-10 of The Authority - with Christos Gage as writer. We all should live so long.
4th-Apr-2007 11:12 pm (UTC) - Question from the floor, ma'am.
Gail Simone, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid and Kurt Busiek in the same room sitting on the same panel. I think I just died and went to fangirl HEAVEN.

We all should live so long.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I know. I'm tempted to e-mail Dan Didio the URL to this comm just so he can see how disillusioned we are.

I'm glad that Fuji's back, but I didn't get the last three issues of Stormwatch - what was the explanation for his return?

(I loved Fuji. To death.)

5th-Apr-2007 07:39 am (UTC) - Spoilers!
Heh, well, to quote the writer himself on this: "Look, let's be honest - bringing these characters back pretty much required a deus ex machina of some type or another. My job was to make it as palatable and reasonable as possible." To summmarise: the new Doctor, Habib ben Hassan, decided to try his hand at something his (apparently drug-addled) predecessor had never achieved: freeing Winter from the sun. And he succeeded, thanks both to his comparatively superior powers, his heroin-free bloodstream, and the fact that (as Habib puts it) "The nature of our universe recently changed. It's as if was destroyed and remade with slight differences... some of which help us" (Thanks, Will Pfeiffer! Feh). Winter's body was remade from DNA Stormwatch had kept on file, and his soul set up home again with Habib's help.

But, when Habib brought Winter back from death, it trigged a reaction - apparently magical - that caused the bodies of the other three Stormwatch officers to materialise in the room - on the point of death, but not quite gone. Habib healed Lauren's wounds, and pointed out (of Fuji and Hellstrike) "You can't kill beings of sentient gas simply by releasing them. In a moment I'll separate and reconstitute them." And... he did. He discovered that "on the day they nearly died, some incredibly powerful being placed them in some type of stasis and shunted them into a pocket dimension- probably the Bleed - while lining them to Winter on a quantum level. In a sense, Winter was their anchor. Whoever brought him back would bring them back as well."

There ensued some speculation as to the entity of this 'incredibly powerful being', who definitely wasn't Jackson or Void. Jackson read Lauren's mind to try and see the moments before her apparent death, but saw only a silhouetted figure with what appear to be bitchin' 1980s shoulder pads, a bald head, and beard or sideburns. It looks WAY like a Monitor. Other candidates: Jackson's evil-ass (dead) dad. He told the dying Lauren "You can't go. You will be needed."

So that's how it happened. And yes, written out in plain black-and-white it sounds kind of lame. But the issue sold the story to me, because I liked the pacing, it acknowledged a lot of the deus-ex-machina-y stuff as it happened, and I bought the characterisation - Winter and Habib especially. (For example, Habib is rocking those not-my-native-tongue speech patterns he had in Brubaker's Authority, rather than the sk8r dude effect he's achieving in Morrison's.) From a fan-agenda perspective it suited me too, because it had the Authority behaving as other than complete dicks, and Jackson reconciling himself to them. It also retconned The Monarchy into an acid trip Jackson had after the old Doctor spiked his drink ^_^

I'm tempted to e-mail Dan Didio the URL to this comm just so he can see how disillusioned we are.
Heh, and I'm Pollyanna here. I found stuff to enjoy in Human on the Inside. If I've got disillusioned, the real fans must be well beyond the rending-of-garments stage.
5th-Apr-2007 02:02 pm (UTC) - Re: Question from the floor, ma'am.
Ooh, and as a Fuji fan, you might appreciate this page from new Stormwatch artist Andy Smith:
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